Simplifying the Markkit gaming experience to influence customer engagement and ecommerce conversion



CLIENT Markkit

SERVICES UI Design, UX Strategy + Design



Sort-a-Fun was developed as a follow-up to Markkit. It’s a simple game of sorting — choose the correct tab to earn points, and earn extra points and badges when you snag the bonus tabs.


In a world where everyone is constantly inundated with new products, flash sales and hashtags, merchandise is getting harder and harder to market. Sort-a-Fun makes it easy to sell merch in a new, engaging way — well, that was the plan, anyway. The challenge was in the “how” of it. How do we present merchandise in a way that makes it feel natural, fun and makes a user want to come back?



We took a look at what was working from the Markkit app — compulsive gaming mechanics, gesture-based actions — and simplified it. After what seemed like a hundred rounds of wireframing, I was able to pare the core user flow down to five simple screens.

Sort-a-Fun is currently in development



I wanted Sort-a-Fun to fit within the Markkit family, but with a completely unique look-and-feel. I created a distinct visual design for the game, a set of icons and suite of marketing materials to launch the iOS game.


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