Redstart Coffee Co.

Branding for a company committed to making sustainable,
organic & environmentally-conscious coffee.

Redstart Coffee Co / Sarah Scussel Designs


CLIENT Redstart Coffee Co. (conceptual)

SERVICES Naming, Logo, Copywriting, Website, Business Cards, Print Ads, Packaging



Redstart Coffee Co. is a conceptual brand of organic, shade-grown coffee. Redstarts and other birds all over the world are forced to relocate because of coffee beans grown on farms in full sunlight. Shade-growing is not only good for the environment, but it also ensures that your coffee is full of nutrients from the soil and chemical-free.



Since this was conceptual, I was responsible for all elements of the brand, including the name. I went through a long list of trendier names with no real substance before landing on Redstart. After I had a name, the rest just fell into place.





The most important aspect of the Redstart brand is that Redstart’s coffee is good for the environment, which the color palette, overall look-and-feel and messaging all needed to reflect.


Redstart ads that show the brand’s witty personality and minimal look-and-feel.


I used a graphic redstart as the focal point and chose earthy materials for the print and packaging. Bright yellow and corals offset the rich brown and earth tones used throughout the collateral, and I threw in a repeating bird pattern for good measure.

The website highlights the fun personality of the brand and showcases the good Redstart does for the environment

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