Markkit App Onboarding

Redesigning the first-time user experience to drive app adoption and specific user behaviors



CLIENT Markkit

SERVICES UI Design, UX Strategy + Design



The existing onboarding experience took users through a sign up flow that was disjointed and cumbersome. The data told us that of the total number of people who installed the Markkit app only 22% chose to complete the sign up process. Our goal was to cut down on initial friction after install and push users to complete onboarding.


Original onboarding experience — loading screen, landing screen, sign up form



I went through a thorough wireframing exercise to map out the steps necessary to onboard a Markkit user. Looking at the first time user experience (FTUE) as a wireframe gave me a high level view of the flow. I was able to make cuts and see friction points immediately, without distraction. The end result was a solid plan for a cleaner onboarding.




Because the goal was to reduce friction and increase conversion, a lot of the work was in editing down. I limited the screens to ones that felt actionable to the user and implemented shortcuts, like Facebook and Instagram connect options. Other screens, like “Follow Fashionistas” were streamlined and the “why” was added to help make those “extra” screens feel more intentional and like the user was building a meaningful profile with Markkit.


The Markkit app is currently available on the App Store


Visually, the FTUE needed to be elevated. The existing onboarding experience was flat and cluttered, so the main effort was in streamlining the design and making the flow feel more personal and engaging. The first change was to the initial landing screens, which became less ornamental and more educational to help aid in conversion. The subsequent screens underwent a general overhaul — using more relevant photography and an aesthetic that matched the educational coach screens within the app itself.


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