Knowsy iOS Game

A game using compulsive behaviors and viral hooks to drive social sharing and increase user acquisition



CLIENT Markkit

SERVICES UI Design, UX Strategy + Design



Markkit, simply as a shopping app, was performing well, and equally well as a gaming app. The bridge of the two worlds was where we needed help. What the Markkit app was lacking was a viral hook — a reason for users to spread the word and invite their friends to join. Knowsy to the rescue!





Alongside the Product Manager and Lead Engineer, I defined what data we had access to and what information would be most important to users — namely, their friends (besties) and their style (look).




After hours brainstorming, researching and conducting user surveys, we determined that a quiz-style game would be simple enough for our demo and fun enough to keep them coming back. But what about that hook? We needed something to grab users and motivate them enough to tell their friends about it, so we used our best asset — merch! We offered discounts to users who scored 100% on the game, and A/B tested the recipient (the player or the player’s friend). I was surprised to discover that our users were much more motivated to play to win their friends a coupon rather than themselves!



The design of Knowsy was easy — clean and easy-to-read, but bold (like Markkit). The game template makes it easy for users to compulsively play Knowsy, while the bold, colorful winner screens make for an exciting celebratory moment.



We immediately saw an increase in game actions (users playing more frequently and for longer periods of time) and Daily Active Users (DAU) — a huge jump from 5,000 to 11,000.


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