Jake + Sarah

Wedding stationery designed for our September 2012 Chicago nuptials, including invitations, envelopes, table cards, name cards and thank you notes.



SERVICES Invitations, Envelopes, Rehearsal Dinner evite, Website, Name Cards, Signage



This was such a fun project to work on! First of all, our wedding was the best. It was all natural, earth tones and pink—what could be better? Needless to say, working on our invitations and other suite materials was a blast. I used various shades of pink and peach and intermixed Ostrich, Gotham and Ballpark Wiener fonts to create these fun, modern designs.




Designing for myself is always a challenge. I set out to make something that’s both new and exciting design-wise, but also something that oh-so-perfectly matches my personality. In this case, Jake (like any good husband to-be) gave me free reign and I ran with it!

Jake and Sarah Wedding Invitations / Sarah Scussel Designs Jake and Sarah Wedding Invitations / Sarah Scussel Designs

jake and sarah wedding

jake and sarah wedding

photography provided by ©Abbey Moore Photography // / Sarah Scussel Designs

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