A luxe identity + brand for the new E.Elise clothing line.

E.Elise is a high-end resort-style clothing line. I helped E.Elise elevate her brand and bring it to life, using a soft, luxurious color palette and a signature-inspired logo.

Client: E.Elise Clothing
Date: February 26, 2014
Services: Branding, Collateral


After an initial discovery call with the client, it was obvious that she was looking to me for direction on her brand. When it came to the clothing, she had a clear point of view, but it was up to me create the perfect vehicle for it.


The process began with sketching signatures in varying styles—edgy, feminine, youthful, etc—to see which direction E.Elise wanted to take her brand. Website homepages were designed to match each of the signature styles in order to show her exactly how the style would translate in reality.

Created using Illustrator, Photoshop