About me

I am a lot of things. Here are a few of them…

sarah scussel

Hello, my name is Sarah—it says so
on every page.
I’m a graphic designer, currently living and working in San Francisco. My mom told me I’d have a knack for design, so I gave it a shot.
Turns out, what they say is true—mom knows best. And I’ve been living and breathing design ever since.

Once I graduated with a degree in design, I started working in Chicago alongside other creatives in both agency and in-house environments. After a few too many winters, I moved to California where I discovered a deep love for sunshine.
Since moving to the best coast, I’ve had the pleasure of designing for a multitude of clients—from pharma to fashion—on every vertical—print, web, mobile, publication, presentation and social media.
Social media has actually been a constant and something I’m truly passionate about. The world of marketing has changed and it’s important that we keep up. So, I make it my job to pay attention, which ends up being more fun than you’d think!